My body Friday


Theme: My body  
Date: Friday  
  Description: Aim:
Greetings News

Weather chart

Theme discussion Privacy of my body

  • NO ONE is allowed to touch my private parts. The parts that my swimwear cover.
  • If it happens I MUST TELL my teacher or mommy.
  • May I undress myself in front of other people?NO
  • Only at the doctor,my mother…
  • Everyone says together: It is MY body.
My body is private
Literacy Clap the name of the person next to you. Teacher points to a body part and the learners need to say what each body part is.

Things that interest you and me.

Listening skills
Numeracy Mental maths Flashcards from 1-20

Data handling: sort beads etc into groups.

Develop mental skills
Play outside I wrote a letter to my friend game (vroteier) Gross motor
Creative Play dough/ Free play  
Play outside    
Music/Drama Teacher says a sentence,learners repeat the sentence and act it out.

  • We lay in our beds fast asleep.
  • Up we wake and stretch our arms.
  • We get up and get dressed.
  • We eat our breakfast.
  • We brush our teeth
  • We brush our hair
  • Off to school.
Learn new song and the school concert
Home time    
Other/ Materials needed    




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