My body Wednesday


Theme: My body  
Date: Wednesday  
  Description: Aim:
Greetings News

Weather chart

Theme discussion How does my body work?

  • Head: turn, nod
  • Lungs: breathe
  • Arms: turn, bend, swing (swing arms as wide as you can)
  • Hands: touch, wiggle,clap
  • Legs: bend, twist
  • Organs: Lungs
  • Organs: heart- live (pulse)
  • Organs: brain- think (tells your body what to do and how.
Familiarise with your body.
  Listening game.

Clap your hands every time you hear the word ‘hand’

  • Nose, eye, ear, hand, thumb.
  • Foot, toe, hand, ear.
  • Ankle, hand, finger, hand.

What makes me special. Ask learners to identify differences between themselves and their friends. We are all special in our own way.

Listening and memory skills
Numeracy Mental maths Dot flash cards  Count 1-10

Identify shapes. (Flash cards)

Develop mental skills
Play outside Hopping bag race Gross motor skills
Creative Play dough/Free play  
Play outside    
Music/Drama High and low notes. When you hear a high note stretch out as high as you can. When you hear a low note go down on the floor. Learn new song and the school concert




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