My Body Tuesday

Theme: My body  
Date: Tuesday  
  Description: Aim:
Greetings News

Weather chart

Theme discussion I am unique.

  • Respect and accept each other for who we are.
  • What is your name/surname?
  • What is the colour of your hair?
  • Is it curly or straight? Long or short?
  • Are you a boy or a girl? Tall or short?
  • Do you like your body?
  • Which parts do you like?
  • Which parts don’t you like?
Learn that everyone is unique.
Literacy Play the game “Simon Says Familiarise with the classroom. Language development
Numeracy Mental maths Count 1-10 on abacus

Let learners make a pattern while sitting in a circle on the mat. One sits and one stands.

Develop mental skills
Play outside Skipping rope snakes. Learners walk on skipping ropes without falling off.  
Creative Play dough/ Free play  
Music/Drama Learn a new song: Head and shoulders

Learners dramatise parts of a story.

Learn new song and the school concert



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