Personal and Social Well-being in the Grade R curriculum


Personal and Social Well-being

Personal and Social Well-being is part of the Grade R (life skills learning area) curriculum. The department of Education explains it as follows:

‘”Personal and Social Well-being is the study of the self in relation to the environment and society. The study area provides opportunities for learners to practise life skills required to make informed choices regarding personal lifestyle, health and social well-being. It provides learners with skills to relate positively with and contribute to family, community and society. Learners are equipped with skills that will assist them to deal with challenging situations positively and recognise, develop and communicate their abilities, interests and skills with confidence. They learn values such as respect for the rights of others and tolerance for cultural and religious diversity in order to build a democratic society.

In the Life Skills curriculum, Personal and Social Well-being is expressed as a study area containing three topics. The three topics are:

1) Development of the self

2) Health and environmental responsibility

3) Social responsibility”
Here is a great website for physical education and development of self in Lifeskills:


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