Lesson ideas for the theme: My Body (4-6 year olds)

Theme discussion

My Body Parts. Name and show all body parts.

  • Head/Body/Arms/legs
  • Discuss the fact that everybody looks different and are unique.

How does my body work?

  • Head: turn, nod
  • Lungs: breathe
  • Arms: turn, bend, swing (swing arms as wide as you can)
  • Hands: touch, wiggle,clap
  • Legs: bend, twist
  • Organs: Lungs
  • Organs: heart- live (pulse)
  • Organs: brain- think (tells your body what to do and how.

How do I look after my body? (wash,comb my hair etc.)

Privacy of my body

  • NO ONE is allowed to touch my private parts. The parts that my swimwear cover.
  • If it happens I MUST TELL my teacher or mommy.
  • May I undress myself in front of other people?NO
  • Only at the doctor,my mother…


  • Teacher points to a body part and the learners need to say what each body part is.
  • Play the game: Simon says.
  • Listening game.

Clap your hands every time you hear the word ‘nose

  • Nose, eye, ear, hand, thumb.
  • Nose,foot, toe, hand, ear.
  • Ankle, nose,hand, finger, hand.


  • Let learners sit opposite each other. Let them count how many noses,mouths,hands etc. everyone has.


  • Teacher traces the body of one of the learners the others colour it in.
  • Build yourself with play dough
  • Draw a picture of yourself

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