Getting your child ready for school

Some ideas to help you get your child ready for school:

Getting your child ready for school starts very early. You can help your child by paying special attention to certain areas.

General Knowledge: Teach your child his or her home address, telephone number and full name and birth date. When your child asks questions about the world, try to answer them as well as you can, or take your child to the library to look up the answer.

Self-help: Your child should know how to dress and undress, and how to use zips, buttons, press-studs, velcro and so on. They should also have made a start on learning to tie their own shoelaces. Children in Grade One also need to know how to blow their own noses, and to go to the toilet independently.

Label their Belongings: All your child’s clothes, stationery and so on should be marked clearly. Show your child where the label is and teach them to recognise it – this will make it easier for them to find and put away their things at school. Teach your child to be responsible about their belongings and you will be saving money on replacements as well as teaching them an important life skill.

Feed Your Child Well: Children perform better at school if they have a healthy breakfast and a healthy packed lunch. A wholewheat sandwich and a piece of fruit are enough for a school snack if the child is coming home at lunchtime. If they will be in aftercare or somewhere that doesn’t provide lunch after school, add an extra sandwich and some nuts, raisins, carrot sticks or other vegetables. It seems much easier to pop in a packet of chips and a cooldrink, but a quick sandwich and filling a juice bottle with water or fruit juice is cheaper and much better for your child.


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